AGORA Advanced coGeneration Options for Reintegrating local Assets


Facing mobility restrictions due to the current pandemic, AGORA partners have created an alternative kick-off campaign through a  series of digital contents to promote our project and get experts' input. Project Partners worked on different actions/campaigns in which they cooperate closely. One of these Actions is the AGORA WALKS: a set of local kick-offs. The walks and talks are an ongoing process, videos are still under production and they will be used for the communication and the further involvement of experts.





Sofia Development Association held an organized city walk in the framework of the AGORA project, which aims at faster and better regeneration of the urban environment. During the walk, a pre-identified location was presented - the project for the renovation of the Heating Plant which is a good example of the reintegration of underused urban assets.





This video shows the visit to unused/underused urban spaces that took place in Szarvas in November. These spaces could be part of the revalorization strategy to be prepared in the framework of the AGORA project. Stakeholders, representatives of the municipality, and members of the project team took part in the walk.





With this video, presented to the AGORA partners during the 2nd training seminar, Neckar-Alb Regional Association introduces its pilot action in Meßstetten: a CO2 neutral industrial area gaining knowledge for the whole region





On the occasion of their State of Play Workshop, territorial partners from Koprivnica engage in an urban walk with their local stakeholders to define together a common strategy for the regeneration of Svilarska Street.






Mihai Cebotar and Victor Buzu, local officers of Chisinau working in the AGORA Consortium guide us through their pilot area: The National Center Buciumul - a big area located in the city centre, once an important movie set for the country, that could be regenerated for commercial and creative functions.


more WALKS are coming soon!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)