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The vision for an underused public space:

a community lab in the iris district


A multifunctional center for youth and events operating with the following spirit:

  • Livability through innovation
  • Make the neighborhood alive
  • imagine the future of the neighborhood

The goal is to connect the riverfront with the park creating a space where people from any background will be able to use the public space. A building facing a public square will be the center of the change for the neighborhood. The building will be used as a “decentralised” CIIC (Center for innovation and civic imagination), which in the future could gather information and consent to build informative neighborhood plans - with neighborhood forums.



The Iris District


challenge: a RAPID CHANGE


The area is facing rapid growth with a demographic change as lots of young families and people are moving there because of its proximity with the main services. The urban community fabric is complex and presents big contrasts: old generation vs. young generation; the presence of new residential buildings offers more opportunities for new families; there is a lack of leisure activities.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)