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Within Agora, Kranj aims at raising the quality of life of its inhabitants: ”people won't argue anymore between them, the public space is theirs” ”revitalization of this neighborhood, of life”.

The objectives are: to establish and verify a sustainable and participatory management model for the renovation of underused urban areas (Kranj wants to engage public participation to identify problems); to speed up and strengthen the process of managing the urban renewal in the Dubrovka neighborhood. 

Kranj's Pilot Presentation



a regeneration challenge

The city has lost its identity and lacks a clear collaboration framework between the municipality and citizens/ owners and the problem of vandalism.


The city of Kranj is an industrial city. The pilot area has 1000 residents; 212 buildings; it was built between 1981 - 2004 on a well-planned concept: housing areas with different typologies from semi-detached houses to row houses and housing blocks in the proximity of the Sava river. In the beginning, it was an area for more wealthy people, but now the residents are from a lower class.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)