MELIA Observatory Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy

Citizen’s competence is of crucial importance for active political participation, which is one of the main components of good governance and sustainable democracy. Especially in the Eastern part of the Danube region, political participation is stagnating. Particularly worrisome are apathy and lack of political interest on the side of the younger population. Furthermore, in the last years, we witness political developments that result in the deterioration of democratic standards in many parts of the region. The core element of the citizen’s competence is a high level of media literacy. It is necessary for citizens’ reflection of social reality and their resilience to negative media phenomena, like hate speech and fake news.

The main objective of the project is to improve democratic transnational governance by developing transnational media literacy observatory, based on cooperation between different relevant stakeholders. In many countries of the Danube region, the development of competencies of media literacy and active citizenship are far behind more developed parts of Europe. This observatory will serve as a mechanism for increasing media literacy and thus strengthening citizens’ competencies what will contribute to the development of sustainable democracy. The main target groups are the youth and the people who work with them. For the purpose of strengthening it, the observatory will provide tools, available for both young people as well as their educators.

The project will establish an observatory for media literacy that will provide instruments for scrutinizing media contents, training tools and policy recommendations for upgrading media literacy in relation to other civic skills.






Outputs include:

  • capacity building and training tools,
  • web-based interface
  • policy recommendations.


The core activities of the project are:

  • mapping of practices and dissemination of information,
  • developing a learning system,
  • designing web training platform,
  • pilot testing.
Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2.188,700 EUR
ERDF Contribution: 1.660.900 EUR
IPA Contribution: 138.720 EUR
ENI Contribution: 60.775 EUR
Call number
Call 3
Well-governed Danube region
Specific objective
Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges


As soon as the project achieves an output, it will be published in this section. Check the project webpage for more information
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
School of Advanced Social Studies Lead partner Slovenia
Babeș-Bolyai University ERDF partner Romania
Edhance Plus o.p.s. ERDF partner Czech Republic
Research Centre Regional and Global Development ERDF partner Bulgaria
Algebra University College ERDF partner Croatia
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Project News

  • MELIA Observatory - Invitation to the Marathon Webinar Day - Virtual International Summer School 2021 at Algebra (July 4-24, 2021)
    - 08-04-2021
    Invitation to the Marathon Webinar Day - Virtual International Summer School 2021 at Algebra (July 4-24, 2021)

    Our Project parner Algebra University College from Croatia is organizing the Algebra’s Marathon Webinar Day on 15 April 2021. You can join them and learn about Algebra’s Virtual International Summer School 2021 – our distant but still social...

  • MELIA Observatory - Jean Monnet Academic MELI Module
    - 07-04-2021
    Jean Monnet Academic MELI Module

    One of the noticable projects dealing with medial litarcy on Faculty of Media in Slovenia - Ljubljana is the Jean Monnet MELI Module - MEDIA LITERACY MODULE FOR ACTIVE CITIZENS leading by the Profesor Dr. Mateja...

  • MELIA Observatory - Media literacy and active citizenship at the Faculty of Media in Ljubljana (SLO)
    - 29-03-2021
    Media literacy and active citizenship at the Faculty of Media in Ljubljana (SLO)

    Lets present one of the main institution that is dealing with the media litarcy in Slovenia: The Ljubljana-based Faculty of Media (FAM) was founded on 15 February 2008 and is one of the newest higher education institutions in the Republic of...

  • MELIA Observatory - ️ «Media education and literacy in Slovenia»
    - 29-03-2021
    ️ «Media education and literacy in Slovenia»

    The massive use of digital media brings many challenges in ensuring online safety, health, skills of participation in a variety of social and economic activities. In the digital world, people need specific skills that enable them to create...

  • MELIA Observatory - Winter Camp 2021
    - 12-03-2021
    Winter Camp 2021

    School of Advanced Social studies, Faculty of Media and Faculty of Information Studies (Slovenia) organised a traditional event, Winter Camp 2021. It was held online from the 2nd to the 4th of March 2021. In a variety of interesting topics,...

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