Danube´s Archaeological eLandscapes Virtual archaeological landscapes of the Danube region

The rich and culturally diverse archaeological heritage of the Danube region is the only remnant of the millennia of our society’s development and a carrier of important information about our past. Its huge potential for the development of tourism in the region is facing a major challenge, as it is not visible enough to be sustainably managed and used. By “visibility”, not only sheer physical presence of archaeological artefacts or reconstructions of sites is meant, but also the visibility of archaeology  for the general public. New technologies enable us not only to visualise archaeological knowledge in completely new ways, but also to transfer it promptly and in attractive ways to the broader public.

Danube´s Archaeological eLandscapes project´s major goal is to make the archaeological heritage, especially archaeological landscapes of the Danube region, regionally, nationally and internationally more visible and thereby more attractive for its integration into sustainable cultural tourism. The backbone of this task are the major museums of the region, setting their focus also beyond their own premises, i.e. in the most prominent archaeological landscapes of the Danube region. By involving state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies the museums, which are visited by the mainstream of tourists, will encourage the visitors to experience the heritage in its original landscapes not only in their own country, but also in countries of other partners.

The project not only aims to support one of the largest networks of major institutions with archaeological collections and knowledge, but also focuses on a long-term cross-promotion campaign for archaeological cultural heritage in the region. The partnership will also continue the work of the RegioStars2018 finalist Iron-Age-Danube project by promoting the new Iron Age Danube route and creating new transnational archaeological routes as tools for preservation of this heritage.

Virtual archaeological landscapes of the Danube region
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2517612.44
ERDF Contribution: 2118635.56
IPA Contribution: 21335
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 3
Environment and culture responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources


As soon as the project achieves an output, it will be published in this section. Check the project webpage for more information
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Universalmuseum Joanneum Lead partner marko.mele@museum-joanneum.at Austria
University of Vienna ERDF partner michael.doneus@univie.ac.at Austria
National Museum of Slovenia ERDF partner jure.kusetic@nms.si Slovenia
Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia ERDF partner matija.cresnar@gmail.com Slovenia
National History Museum of Romania ERDF partner corinabors.mnir@gmail.com Romania
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Project News

  • Danube´s Archaeological eLandscapes - Creative Labs and Hubs for future ideas
    - 30-03-2021
    Creative Labs and Hubs for future ideas

    The major goal of Creative Labs or Hubs (CLH) is to position museums as places of creativity and inspiration for future ideas and trends. This goal is achieved by organising creative teams of archaeological experts, digital developers, SMEs,...

  • Danube´s Archaeological eLandscapes - Kick-off meeting of the EU project Danube’s Archaeological eLandscapes
    - 14-10-2020
    Kick-off meeting of the EU project Danube’s Archaeological eLandscapes

    To kick off the EU project Danube’s Archaeological eLandscapes we cordially invite to a hybrid event on 1st of October 2020 Program: 17.00 to 18.15 Archaeology contest of the project partners on live-stream 18.15 to 19.15 Individual events...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)