coop MDD - Transboundary Management Programme for the planned 5-country Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”

  • coop MDD - Amazon of Europe part of EU Strategy for the Danube Region
    - 20-10-2017

    Budapest – 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region was held between 18. and 19. October in Budapest, Hungary.  As the 5-country Biosphere Reserve “Mura, Drava and Danube” is mentioned in the Action Plan of the EU Strategy...

  • coop MDD - Representatives participate at MaB YOUTH FORUM
    - 06-10-2017

    Italy - Representatives from four protected areas within the future TBR MDD attended the MaB YOUTH FORUM in the Po Delta Biosphere Reserve, Italy from 18- 23 September. The forum was organized by UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere programme (MAB),...

  • coop MDD - Stakeholder workshop and study visit in Serbia
    - 02-10-2017

    The Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province organised the Partner training on the stakeholder dialogue for the future UNESCO Transboundary Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”. The workshop, held between 26 and 28...

  • coop MDD - Celebrating the “Amazon of Europe” – our shared natural heritage
    - 13-07-2017

    Letenye, Hungary – The international event “Amazon of Europe Celebration”, organised today in the framework of the “coop MDD” project in Letenye, brought together more than 100 people, NGOs and governmental institutions from five countries in...

  • coop MDD - AMAZON OF EUROPE CELEBRATION, Letenye, Hungary
    - 04-07-2017

    International coop MDD Kick-off Event “Amazon of Europe Celebration" will be organised on Wednesday, 12.07. 2017. at 15:00 hours in Letenye, Hungary.  Event will also celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the Croatian and Hungarian part of the...

    - 04-07-2017

    Austria/Slovenia - Office of the State Government of Styria, Department 13 – Environment and Spatial Planning, Section Nature Conservation, Austrian partner in the coop MDD, is organising a local event on July 9th on the Mura River, bordering...

  • coop MDD - UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bačko Podunavlje designated!
    - 14-06-2017

    Paris – More than six years from Ministerial Declaration on Establishment of Transboundary Biosphere Reserve „Mura-Drava-Danube“ (Gődőlo, Hungary, 2011), this international vision seams much closer. International Coordination Council of UNESCO...

  • coop MDD - Reporting meeting
    - 14-06-2017

    Koprivnica, Croatia - In order to prepare good reports for the 1st phase of the project and answer any open questions about reporting, budgeting and documentation, the Reporting meeting of the “coop MDD” project was organised on 13th June 2017 in...

  • coop MDD - BIOBLITZ - 24 Hours with River Mura
    - 14-06-2017

    Veržej, Slovenia - Institute for Nature Conservation Slovenia (ZRSVN) carried out the first local event in the framework of the “coop MDD” project. The event “BIOBLITZ - 24 Hours with River Mura” aims to raise awareness for conservation of...

  • coop MDD - National awareness raising event in Slovenia
    - 07-06-2017

    The "coop MDD" national event in Slovenia is organized under the umbrella of the event Bioblizt - 24 hours with the Mura River. Programe of the event: Friday, 9.6. 2017 9:00 - 23:00 Stand of the "coop MDD" project with the...

  • coop MDD - Project partners visit Biosphere Reserve on the Elbe River in Germany
    - 06-06-2017

    Havelberg, Dessau – Last week project partners in the “coop MDD” project, financed by EU through the Interreg Danube Transboundary Programme 2014-2020, visited the Biosphere Reserve on Elbe River in Germany. The Biosphere Reserve Flusslandschaft...

  • coop MDD - coop MDD Project Leaflet
    - 16-05-2017

    Project coop MDD has produced its project leaflet, where you can find overview of the project, its partners, important activities and expected results. Please click the link to download English, German, Slovenian, Croatian or Hungarian...

  • coop MDD - Successful kick-off meeting of partners in coop MDD project
    - 07-03-2017

    The “coop MDD” project was officially launched last week in Noskovci by the Drava River in Croatia. At the 3-day kick-off meeting, hosted by the Public institution for nature conservation in Virovitica Podravina county, all 11 partners as...

  • coop MDD - Kick-Off meeting coop MDD
    - 06-02-2017

    Project partners in coop MDD project will have their first partner meeting from 28.2. to 1.3. 2017 in Noskovci (Croatia).  Please find the agenda of the meeting here.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)