Objectives, target groups, activities

The objectives of DTP Capitalisation Strategy are the following:

  • To valorise and further build upon the knowledge resulting from projects working in a thematic field 
  • To fill knowledge-gaps by linking actors with complementary thematic specialisation, experiences, methodological approaches or geographical scope
  • To increase the visibility of the projects and the programme and to ensure their impact on the policy making process at local, regional, national and European levels 
  • To strengthen strategic thematic networks in the Programme area 
  • To encourage the wider take-up of project outcomes from outside the DTP Programme area 
  • To contribute to the design and/or implementation of future transnational cooperation in the area

Target groups:

  • DTP projects working on similar or complementary topics
  • Beneficiaries of DTP project outputs
  • DTP stakeholders
  • DTP Programme bodies
  • EUSDR bodies and stakeholder
  • Projects and stakeholders outside the programme area, relevant to the identified thematic poles


DTP Capitalisation Strategy provides the list of capitalisation activities which includes but not limited to: 

  • Joint communication actions (e.g. newsletters, etc.) 
  • Joint thematic meetings to exchange on projects' content and outputs                   
  • Joint thematic studies and policy recommendations 
  • Peer review or benchmarking of project outputs 
  • Exchange visits between projects, if this enables cross- fertilisation and/or take-up of results                     
  • Joint dissemination activities such as joint (final) conferences addressing common stakeholders                             

More information on how the DTP Capitalisation Strategy translates these basic outlines into practice

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)