ISTER - Urbasofia participation at the 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress


In November 2021, Urbasofia had the opportunity to participate at the 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress on the theme "Planning Unlocked: New Times, Better Places, Stronger Communities". On this occasion, the ISTER project experience played an essential role in supporting and shaping the presentation held at this event by Mrs Natalia Magureanu: "The European policy landscape of archaeological heritage: an assessment of recent trends in the Danube Region", within Track 5: Uniqueness and connectivity.

After presenting the contemporary understanding of Cultural Heritage and the main aim of the ISTER project, Mrs Natalia Magureanu made an overview of the recent trends and policies based on 3 dimensions: Territorial dimension, Socio-economic and cultural dimension and environmental dimension, followed by a comparative analysis of CH related policies & regulations in 4 European countries: Slovenia, Romania, Italy and Germany.

We are delighted that in 2021 the ISTER project had more comprehensive visibility through the many events that have taken place, and we invite you to stay close and watch our progress further!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)