CINEMA - Transformation of an old industry hall in Resita/Romania


Do you know Minda Hall in Resita? It's a wonderfully designed industrial hall, in the spirit of Mies van der Rohe with Fachwerk metal structure and masonry panels plus profiles glass, one of the most beautiful and titrated materials today in the architecture of cultural institutions in Europe. The local administration’s intention is to carry out a reconversion project of the industrial site through the rehabilitation and operationalization of the existing building into a space dedicated to creative industries. Among other purposes, the space is intended to become an exhibition centre for metal works, to host events and to bring together sculptors from all over the world. The transformation of the space into a support infrastructure for the creative industries will, at the same time stimulate entrepreneurship in a sector with a tradition in Resita.

This month our Romanian partners, the West Regional Development Agency and the Resita Municipality started the transformation: The pilot project of the Resita Municipality, Minda Hall, one of the emblematic buildings for the industrial history of Resita, will host the ReMetal Resita 2021 exhibition. Six monumental works will be exhibited in front of the hall, in a sculpture park curated by the Triade Foundation. The works are designed by the following artists: Roman Cotosman, Doru Covrig, Ingo Glass, Peter Jecza, Aurel Vlad and Constantin Flondor, and executed locally, with the contribution of some profile companies. The project is a continuation of the city's tradition - the openness to industrial innovation, with a contemporary implementation, Minda Hall being a prime example for urban regeneration through creative industries. In the West Region Romania, Hala Minda can become, through investments from European funds, a center of creation and exhibition for metal works, to host events and bring together sculptors from all over the world.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)