WOMEN IN BUSINESS - check the criteria and procedures and become member of our EWC network


WOMEN IN BUSINESS project is glad to present to your attention the Label of Women Entrepreneurship Centre. The Label provides an overall insight and a detailed overview on specifics of Women Entrepreneurship Centres (EWCs), criteria and procedure to be followed for acquiring a label, maintenance and renewed of the label, financial conditions, and visual identity to be followed.

The EWC Quality Label enables the measurement of conformity of an organisation to the WOMEN IN BUSINESS model. The purpose of the criteria is to provide an assurance that certified organisations meet standards in terms of their service offering and performance.

Why to apply for EWC Label?

  • Quality development

Candidate centres can use the process of acquiring the label to improve the quality of their offer to young women entrepreneurs or would be entrepreneurs.  In support of this quality development process, RAPIV and/or 4 EWCs established in the WOMEN IN BUSINESS project can provide the candidate centre with expert input in relation to the conceptual and practical development of women entrepreneurship policy, and specific advice on the development of the infrastructural, managerial, administrative and educational quality of EWCs whose main mission is value support for business women.

  • Training and resources

Candidate centres can count on some specific support measures. For example, they have the opportunity to participate in the events organized by EWCs network, their staff can participate in EWCs training activities, they have access to e-learning platform, the educational materials for women entreprenuership for internal use and dissemination, and they have access to copyright for translations of such materials that are provided.

  • Networking

The process to acquire the label will bring candidate centres into contact with an elaborate infrastructure for international networking among professionals and women entrepreneurs. On the one hand, centres will have access to participation in relevant international activities for exchange and knowledge sharing, particularly the WOMEN IN BUSINESS e-learning platform. On the other, they will be supported in making connections with other structures that have successfully acquired the label that can advise them. In addition, candidate centres will have access to the WOMEN IN BUSINESS network of experts in training, mentoring,  policy developemt, research and support.

  • Visibility and Prestige

The acquisition of the EWC Quality Label provides centres with transational recognition and legitimation for their work. This can help centres to access recognition at home and abroad, and may help them to access support and resources to fulfil their mission. In addition, acquiring the quality label gives the centre concerned the right to use its visual identity, including relevant logos and publicity materials.

If you are interested in becoming part of our EWC network, you could check what criteria and procedures to follow under section "Publications". 

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