CINEMA - First pilot action in Herrenberg almost completed


After almost four weeks, the first phase of the concept "Chamäleon Spaces" in Herrenberg is almost completed. Developed at the Virtual Hackathon Herrenberg in February, the winning team's idea "Chamäleon Spaces" will be implemented twice within the CINEMA project. This first pilot test takes place from Nov. 6th till Dec. 4th, a second pilot test is planned for a longer period in spring 2022. The concept of the “Chamäleon Spaces” is very flexible and adaptable for temporary and low-threshold use of vacant spaces. Here, creative ideas of representatives from the local art and culture scene merge together with different formats of retail, gastronomy and "New Work”, taking into account the representation of regionality or local players in Herrenberg. One commercial space serves several concepts, the “Chamäleon Spaces” change permanently and offer flexible and different usage concepts for different target groups. So this time we were able to use an empty pub near the market square and after some renovation and with the help of the municipal government we offered a great program for all Herrenbergers: co-working spaces, cultural evens, movie Sundays, tastings, hip hop café, popup stores, coffee shop, foodtrucks, etc. Unfortunately due to the Corona situation we can't quite finish the program as planned but it was a great success nevertheless. We are looking forward to the second test phase in Spring, hopefully under more favorable conditions.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)