WOMEN IN BUSINESS - Policy Guide on Young women entrepreneurship support


In the very last days of WOMEN IN BUSINESS project implementation we would like to bring to the attention to all interested policy makers, national public authorities, international organizations and interest groups the Policy Guide on Young Women Entrepreneurship Support. It could help them to design policies and develop strategies for women entrepreneurship support, and to establish support infrastructure in the same field. It outlines the process for formulating an integrated national women entrepreneurship strategy and gives some directions on how to transfer/ implement some good practices for policy support.

The Policy Guide includes three main sections:

Section 1 provides guidance on key steps to be followed for to develop efficient nationa/ transnational women entrepreneurship strategy and gives some tips as well as examples from available strategic documents and policy instruments successfuly applied in the Danube Region countries and beyond.

Section 2 provides some recommended actions for policy change in the sphere of women entrepreneurship as well as some examples showing how these actions are applied in some countries. The recommendations are in the following directions:

  • Measures to strengthen the work – life balance
  • Boost financial support
  • Increase public awareness and access to information

Section 3 focuses on measures which can be used to evaluate and revaluate policies and measures put in place.

The document is based on knowledge gained within implementation of the WOMEN IN BUSINESS project and conclusions outlined in the Analysis of existing policies, recommendations provided in the Policy Agenda, results from pilot testing of Women Entrerpeneurship Centres, Survey of consequences of Covid-19 to female entrepreneurship from economic and social point of view, and the Analysis of available policy measures to cope with them.

The full text of the Policy Guide is available in section "Publications".


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)