We at RADAR project consortium feel very fortunate and honored for the opportunity to present to you a brochure of 3,5 years of working on improving road infrastructure safety in the Danube area and contributing to safer roads and decreasing fatal and serious injuries in Danube countries. We are especially proud of the focus on the safety of all road users that the RADAR project pursued.

A lot has been achieved during the last 3,5 years. To name some, more than 300 road safety specialists have been trained on identifying and improving risk on the road networks; tolls like ViDA and training material including iRAP coding manual have been translated to German (Austrian), Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, Slovenian and Moldovan language; Experts Groups involving all of you and external experts have worked hard to deliver reports on hot topics like Safer Road Investments Plans, Vulnerable Road Users, Speed Management, Safety near Schools, newly revised RISM directive and Covid 19 impact on road safety...  

One of the most important achievements also is the delivery of the Road Infrastructure Safety Improvement Strategy for the Danube Region and national Action Plans that have been embraced within our project partners' participating countries. 

Our work, cooperation, encouragements, contributions can be seen in our final RADAR project's magazine.

By clicking on the photo below or here, if you wish to access the project's magazine. 



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)