Transdanube Travel Stories - 4th Partner meeting



Our first face-to-face Transdanube Travel Stories partner meeting took place in Hainburg der Donau, Austria at the end of October (28.10.2021-29.10.2021).

Photo: Westpannon NLtd., copyright

Due to the situation, so far, we have only had the opportunity to meet online to discuss relevant issues. Still, after a long time, the ten project partners had the chance to meet in person. Since 2020, the project has been working on the stories of the Danube, which spans several borders and includes many interesting cultural and natural heritage sites. Thus, the mysterious six new stories will soon be presented to all. But there is still a lot of work to be done to put all the elements in place; to live the experience and pass it on, we are creating so-called Product Clubs at each stop. The main aim is to bring the traveller closer to the experience and the theme, to let the story live with us.
At this meeting, we focused on the Sustainable Tourism Mobility Plan. We discussed how travellers/tourists could use sustainable transport on a route by route basis. The documents also included a number of suggestions for improvement, focusing on the efficiency of the current infrastructure. To illustrate with a practical example, we visited Carnuntum, where we saw many good practices bringing long-forgotten memories closer to travellers. In the coming period, we will focus on developing the Danube Travel Challenge and Green Product.
Through the Danube Travel Challenge, we will show how to go through the so-called "Green Product", i.e. how to go through a section of a story using sustainable approaches and how to enrich the explorer's experience.


Photo: Environment Agency Austria, copyright

A brief taste of what we experienced in Carnuntum, one of the locations of our Roman Danube story in our project!

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