DREAM ROAD - 110th anniversary of the Roma settlement of Pušča


On the 8.10.2021, the Roma village Pušča near Murska Sobota, Slovenia celebrated its 110th aniversary. Until 2002, Pušča was a hamlet within the Černelavci Local Community. After 2002 it became independent and one of the ten local communities in the Municipality of Murska Sobota. 

An important milestone in the development of Pušča was the establishment of the Romano kindergarten in 1962, which still operates today as a unit of the Murska Sobota kindergarten. This milestone was important for the development of the Roma settlement and generally improving the life of its inhabitants, especially in the field of cultural, sports and tourist activities. 

On this occasion, the municipal Roma councilor Darko Rudaš, the representative of the local community Dejvid Horvat and the mayor of the Municipality of Murska Sobota Aleksandar Jevšek were present with other stakeholders involved.

The program also included  performances given by a young singer Nina Brasseur and children from the Romano Kindergarten and the Miške Kindergarten. As part of the ceremony, the Information Point was officially opened. In order for the younger generations to remember this day, the mayor planted a tree in the Avenue of Coexistence in the village with the help of the children from the Romano kindergarten.



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)