The SIMONA project (Sediment-quality Information, Monitoring and Assessment System to support transnational cooperation for joint Danube Basin water management) is soon approaching its end on 30th November. Since the project is in its finals stages of implementation, the plans for the organisation of the Final Conference Event have started to develop in August. Thus, the project Lead Partner SI-GEOZS has organised several meetings from then to discuss the project closure in collaboration with the scientific coordinator, dr. Gyozo Jordan, AT-AIT and RO-TUCN project partners. It was initially decided that the 3rd Training Event will be adjoined to the Final Conference meeting, which originally included only the Stakeholder Workshop and Scientific Conference. 

The Final Conference will be organised in a hybrid form - online participation for everyone who wants to join and onsite for the maximum number of people allowed, not only due to COVID circumstances but due to the congress room capacities as well. According to the original project application form, the RO-TUCN project partners are the main organisers of the event which was initially planned only on-site - in the Upper Tisa Test Area - Baia Mare, Romania. Thus, they will be now responsible for enabling the on-site and online participation of the invited participants.

The meeting dates 9th and 10th November was announced to all partners and other invited participants in mid-September, as well as the preliminary agenda. The agenda consists of the 3rd Training Event on the first day and the Stakeholder and Scientific Conference on the second day. The 3rd Training event is related to the Sediment Quality Evaluation and IT-Tool application - the main final parts of the SIMONA system. The final results and outcomes of the SIMONA system will be discussed on the second day. Several talks and SIMONA Case Studies presentations are planned for the entire event, including several different prominent experts in the field of sediment quality monitoring and management.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)