DIONYSUS - A succesful first year review


On September 16th, more than 40 representatives of DIONYSUS partner organisations met online for the First Year Review on the implementation of the project. The consortium together with the MA/JS DTP Project officer, Mr. Horst Schindler, discussed the project performance status regarding the activities and deliverables/outputs, as well as the level of PP engagement, some challenges to be tackled and the solutions to overcome potential problems in order to ensure a smooth and timely project implementation.

The event was organised and hosted by Port of Ennshafen. The First Year Review meeting took place together with the 3rd Consortium Meeting, WP&Activity Leaders Meeting & 3rd Steering Committee Meeting. During the 3rd Consortium Meeting, a special focus was put on the current status and main topics related to Project Management and Project Communication with an outlook towards the next steps. During the next meeting WP&Activity Leaders introduced in detail the tasks, deliverables and outputs of the project’s specific content work packages. The Project Partners were informed about the status of the tasks planned to be carried out in Period 1 & Period 2, discussed the actual progress and agreed on the planning and execution of the next activities during Period 3.

The Steering Committee Members were updated during the SCOM Meeting about the status of the DIONYSUS activities and the main issues related to the project’s administration and progress in terms of objectives, outputs and achievements.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)