SIMONA - 2nd Training event (28th June) on DRB Baseline Sampling Design


On 28th June the 2nd SIMONA Training event was organised on the behalf of the WP7 Training leader dr. Edith Haslinger and her colleagues from the AT-AIT team, and with the help of the project lead partner (SI-GEOZS). The event was organised in a hybrid form: online and onsite (for Bulgarian Team, as the event is held back-to-back with the WP8 Workshop for the Bulgarian National, Regional and Local Authorities and experts). The event's main objective was sampling design for the collection of SIMONA DRB Baseline Network Samples - Sediment Quality Monitoring. The sampling instructions are in form of a “cookbook” and contain the design of sampling (for the bottom, suspended and floodplain/overbank sediments), the recommended tools, the equipment for measuring water and sediment physical properties, the rules for sample labelling, storing and transport, and safety rules. Besides the sampling design, the DRB Baseline Monitoring Network Case studies from 5 partner countries (Austria, Bulgaria. Croatia, Czech Republic and Romania) were presented. Additionally, the newly added WP8 - Evaluation Upgrade activities and Sampling and Laboratory protocols were also presented. The SIMONA main project outputs - Sampling and Laboratory protocol - were mainly aimed to project external participants from Bulgaria. A short discussion on the development of SIMONA Sediment Evaluation Protocol and IT-tool followed after the main programme. The online event was successfully closed in the afternoon after which followed the demonstration of bottom and floodplain sediment sampling equipment and methods. It was organised on-site in Silistra for the Bulgarian team (our BG-GIBAS partners, also organisers of the local WP8 Workshop following the training, and Bulgarian National, Regional and Local Authorities and experts). The demonstration was held by the project scientific coordinator, dr. Jordan, and reference laboratory representative, Zoltan Vilagosi. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)