CINEMA - Partnerships!


As the CINEMA project is going into its second year we would like to take the opportunity and present our consortium. With partnerships it’s like this: All kinds can be satisfying and happy, but all of them can also be difficult, exhausting or unproductive from time to time. However everybody who ever took part in an EU funding project knows how much fun an international partnership can be and how many lasting results can be achieved. Many cultures need to work together and many different organisations contribute to a common goal. The CINEMA partners are lucky enough to profit from each other with many perspectives: economic development corporations, universities, chambers of commerce, municipalities, creative agencies, urban development consultants, etc. Our vision is to revive empty floorspaces and to support retail and the creative industries in European cities. We are well under way and are looking forward to realise our ideas and concepts during the next project periods. Thanks to all our partners, stakeholders, supporters and the DTP for being with us so far!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)