The Kick-off meeting for the project Outline of the Sediment Management Plan for the Sava River Basin was organised by the ISRBC Secretariat (contact person: Samo Grošelj) on 16th June via Microsoft Teams Meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to present the development of the Outline of Sediment Management Plan for Sava Basin, the status of sediment management activities at the Sava and Danube River Basin Level, and to discuss and agreed on further activities and steps. 

The status of the sediment management in the Sava River Basin was introduced by the presentation of the projects which have already been finalized (i.e. Estimation of sediment balance in the Sava River (BALSES), and the Proposal for the establishment of joint monitoring system). The participants took note of already established Sava GIS and Sava HIS, where some data on sediment are available. The sediment management at the Danube River Basin level was presented by the two projects, i.e. Danube Sediment dealing with sediment quantity (finished in 2020) and SIMONA dealing with sediment quality (ongoing). The sediment as such was not mentioned in the EU WFD, but some new discussions held at the EU level in this regard were presented. 


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)