InnoSchool - 1st Institutional Learning Workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Agency for economic development of the city of Prijedor “PREDA-PD” organized 1st Institutional Learning Workshop in premises of the Ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Srpska on May 20, 2021 in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska (BIH).

The main goal of the workshop was to transfer knowledge to relevant policy makers about the InnoSchool Learning System (ILS), results of the pilot and recommendation for ILS improvement and how to stimulate positive attitude towards its implementation.

The most important topics discussed were goals, objectives and 4 major elements of the ILS – The Serious Game, Teachers’ Handbook, Training Materials for Teachers and Impact Questionnaires. Meeting started with the shorts presentation of the project, brief resume regarding the implemented activities in the past period and the 4 core elements of the ILS. Following the implemented activities, the meeting continued with the presentation of the ILS results, which is successfully completion of the ILS by 126 students in 7 secondary school's out of which basic level was completed in by 63 students from 5 school's and by 63 students in 2 school's.

After the presentation of the results, the main focus was on recommendation for improvement of the ILS gathered together with teachers, students and AG members during the Territorial Evaluation Workshop. It was emphasized that in next period, the project team with the cooperation with project partners will be actively working on implementation of the recommendation for improvements. The meeting continued in the direction of the following planned activities and raising the knowledge about the ILS of all relevant policy bodies as well as the possibilities of inclusion the ILS Serious Game in all secondary schools.

The workshop resulted in a joint conclusion that the ILS is an excellent learning platform to introduce social entrepreneurship to secondary school students and it was advised to be used in all secondary school’s at national level in the next school year 2021/2022. For the project InnoSchool and project partner is important that in the following period the secondary education reform, revision and development of curricula, including the modernization of the teaching process and teaching contents set out in the curriculum will be implemented and representatives of the ASP suggested to include representatives of the InnoSchool team in the working groups which will be tackling the reforms in the subject of the Basics of Entrepreneurship.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)