WOMEN IN BUSINESS - More visibility for female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions


On the 4th of May 2021 bwcon invited all national stakeholders and everyone interested in the topic of female entrepreneurship to the online networking event “More visibility for female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions”.

 After a welcome speech and an update of the current state of the Women in Business Project, Keynote Speaker Sophia Rödiger gave useful advices in getting a successful entrepreneur. Sophia was working 7 years in a leading position for Daimler Mobility and has founded two own companies for which she is working now fulltime. She spoke from her experience in founding a company and concluded with the following advices: “Define your own USP and shape your own brand. Inspire, strengthen and get visible together. Be aware that networks are levers because only through experiences of other stories you can sharpen your USP and you need to use the networks in order to get a space of visibility.” She also stated the term “He for she” as in her option it is very important to get support from men. They have to step aside to give women a stage and they can also act as a role model for females.

After the keynote Samira Djidjeh, founder of greenbox animation and Chairwomen Digital Media Women e.V., spoke about her personal experience in founding a company.

At the end the participants were divided into two groups in order to discuss the gained impressions in a world café format. With 29 different female participants a fruitful discussion and an interesting exchange could be gained.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)