CINEMA - Workshop on Tools and Concepts


As mentioned before the CINEMA consortium works in three different focus groups: (1) Empty Floorspaces (2) Revitalisation of urban retail and small business and (3) Establishment of support centres for the creative industries. All of the focus subjects support the revitalisation of inner city centers with the help of creative industries. In order to realize concepts and implement the roadmaps we’ve been working on, each group received individual trainings on tools and concepts on how to do so. These trainings were organised and led by HdM and introduced firstly the Design Thinking method, followed by another session with various tools: e.g. the “Team Charter Canvas” helps to build project teams who don’t know each other well by defining each member’s expectations and values, the common goals, setting of roles, energy sources and possible obstacles. Or the “Golden Circle Canvas” which helps to define important points of argumentation for the communication and the desired persuasion of partners. The focus here is on the “why”: the reasons and (intrinsic) motives of the group why to implement the planned pilot project. This method is very helpful and certainly recommended not only when starting but also in the course of a project to bring the original goals and visions back to the team members’ minds. A big thanks goes to HdM for coming up with such useful workshops and provide great material!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)