EcoVeloTour - EcoVeloTour project got extended


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our project’s activities could progress slower than expected, we had very limited possibilities to meet our stakeholders in person, that is why we decided to send a request to the DTP Joint Secretariat to prolong the project and to enhance our exploitation activities. The EcoVeloTour project received the approval, and it got extended until the end of September 2021.

The EcoVeloTour project will not only finalize the originally planned activities, but we will complement them for a better project outcome.

What do we plan for the last few months?

  • Conducting a comprehensive online-population survey about cyclist ecotourism in the Danube Region countries,
  • Surveying more EuroVelo and regional bicycle routes for the tourist and route managers and include the information to promote the routes and the regions into our EcoVeloTour platform and touristic mobile application that is under preparation,
  • Elaborating a practical interactive checklist and user manual tool to help developing touristic bicycle routes,
  • Shooting an amazing video clip to highlight the offer and relevance of sustainable bicycle tourism in the Danube Region.

Stay tunes and follow us on our communication channels and participate our events, when finally, the pandemic lets us organize ones!




Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)