RADAR project will implement the fifth Road Safety Expert Group (RSEG) meeting on Thematic Area 5 – Transport Safety and Covid-19 on May 27, 2021*. The COVID-19 crisis has had an unprecedented impact on mobility patterns and transport worldwide and therefore on road safety. This critical time requires action to demonstrate by facts the real impact of the pandemic on road safety in the region and lessons to be learnt from it. There is also a reasonable threat that investments in road infrastructure safety will be largely affected by the outbreak and will shrink already small budgets dedicated to road infrastructure safety. With that in mind, RADAR will above all raise awareness on the risk of neglecting or minimising future spending on infrastructure safety as well as demonstrate impact on speed on-road accidents with fatal and serious injuries.

Within the RSEG RADAR team will advocate for stakeholders from participating countries to keep road safety high in the political agenda. Immediate actions on awareness-raising and exchange of experience will influence the likelihood of less severe consequences of COVID-19 on road safety in the Danube area in the long run.

Due to the delay with the activities in project work packages caused by severe travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, the delivery of some outputs will now be postponed. The project is now also richer for two additional activities that will respond to road safety challenges in the post-pandemic era as well as to tackle the need to implement the amended Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive 2019/1936/EC (RISM) in the Danube area.

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*The event is closed to the public.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)