CINEMA - Design Thinking Workshops


One of the key work packages within the CINEMA project aims to provide a set of tools for capacity building addressed to CI, BSO and policy makers, and to develop concepts to start or strengthen innovation processes based on the collaboration between CIs and urban economies. Among the methods used is Design Thinking. Therefore a few days ago CCIS and HdM Stuttgart hosted Design Thinking workshops for our three Thematic Focus Groups: (1) revitalisation of empty or under-utilised floorspace, (2) revitalisation of retail and small businesses in inner city areas and (3) establishing of a CI support centre, focussing on entrepreneurial and business support to CI. The experts from Slovenia and Germany used the DT’s innovative methods to get an idea of the most important tool of all projects: Humans. The aim was to define and achieve a common understanding of who the persons are we want to understand and what they need. To figure this out we used for example the Empathy Map Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas. They help to focus on adding value to our target groups: retailers and gastronomers, the creative industries and local innovation drivers. All of them are in need of affordable and flexible workspaces, collaboration, market exposure and financial support. These workshops are part of a series on teaching Design Thinking tools and concepts so there are more to come. The PPs and ASPs will be trained on the tools in order to become reference points in the Danube region for urban regeneration and will be able to transfer the findings to other interested stakeholders in the DR and beyond.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)