SIMONA - National Experts actively endorsing sediment sampling in their country


After the successfully completed online Training Event (25.3.) on the sediment sampling methods according to the SIMONA Sampling Protocol, it is time for the project partners to apply the gained knowledge and conclusions from the Training, in the field. More specifically, each partner country has formerly chosen its 2 representative sites for sediment sampling according to the agreements made at the SIMONA Workshop in Bulgaria in October 2019 (the criteria used for selection were the SIMONA Output Sampling protocol, ISO 5667 - 12:2017, ISO 5667 - 17:2008, WFD Guidance Document No. 25 and TNMN monitoring sites criteria). For this reason, the SIMONA National Baseline Groups were assembled consisting of the projects and external experts that will actually perform the sediment sampling in their country. Mostly, those are the members of the SIMONA National Experts WG and ASP partners, which were originally planned for this activity, but after the recent Training Event, some new "faces" were introduced. All of the participants of the Training event received the material on sediment sampling (PowerPoint presentations and instructional videos) and the National Baseline Group members additionally received the specific SIMONA Sampling Guidelines (on sampling safety, design, equipment, and methods) created by the scientific coordinator, to apply directly in the field. For each sediment type, different sampling methods and options were provided. As a first stage, all the collected samples are to be sent to the SIMONA Reference Laboratory for analysis.

In summary, the National Points Sampling Campaign is being actively pursued by almost all partner countries during April and its results of sediment quality from around 25 National Sampling sites, will form the DRB Baseline Monitoring Network. The Network will be additionally harmonized with the formerly completed Test Area results from around 30 sampling sites. More information on the content and meaning of the Network will follow with the implementation of further activities in the upcoming final period of the SIMONA project.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)