SIMONA - Change in the SIMONA partnership


As of 1st February 2021, the SIMONA project partner National Agricultural research and Innovative Center (HU-NARIC) has integrated into Szent Istvan University (HU-SZIE). Institutionally changed Szent Istvan University is now called the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (HU-MATE). With the foundation of MATE, one of the largest agricultural-focused, multi-disciplinary higher education institutions in Europe was established on 1 February 2021. Even though the University has received a new name and a new foundation document, this is only due to the change in the governing organisation. The structural change does not affect in any way the legal rights and obligations constituted by the former Szent István University since these rights and obligations shall be borne by the new University (MATE). For the SIMONA project partnership, this means that no new partner is created and added to the project, but the major administrative change will have to take place once the rules for this case are settled.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)