InnoSchool - The 1st Institutional Learning Workshop in Serbia


Regional Agency for Development and European Integration (RADEI) Belgrade hosted its 1st Institutional Learning Workshop as part of the 3rd local Advisory Group (AG) meeting and Territorial Evaluation Workshop in a form of an online event on April 06, 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main goal of the workshop was to transfer knowledge to relevant policy makers and other participants about the InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) and stimulate positive attitude towards its implementation. Key representatives of policy making bodies on national level are already members of the AG, which served as an excellent starting point since all were taking active part in the ILS development process. Apart from policy bodies and the AG representatives, the event also hosted a group of selected secondary school teachers who took part in the Pilot. 

Key topics discussed were goals, objectives and 4 major elements of the ILS – The Serious Game, Teachers’ Handbook, Training Materials for Teachers and Impact Questionnaires. Given that bilateral consultations were held early on with key policy makers and the fact that all were acquainted with the ILS very well beforehand, the workshop was envisaged as an interactive event rather than a presentation, encouraging invitees to share their thoughts, observations, comments and recommendations. Major benefit of the workshop towards its main goal pertained to the fact that it was shaped around the 3rd AG meeting and Territorial Evaluation Workshop where ILS piloting results were shared, which immensely aided to positive affirmation of this innovative learning tool and to its forthcoming introduction to secondary schools curricula.

The workshop resulted in a joint conclusion that the ILS represents an excellent platform to introduce social entrepreneurship to high schools, encourage students to assume roles of change makers in the society and fuel innovation in education through experiential learning.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)