RESTART_4Danube - 1st Danurban Taskforce meeting


RESTART_4Danube consortium is pleased to invite you to the 1st Danurban Taskforce meeting, which will take place online via Microsoft Teams platform  on the14th of April 2021, starting from 1:30 pm CET.

The main aim of this meeting is to form a Danurban Taskforce (DTF) - a group of experts, which will support the process of implementation and development of the project activities. The handbook for the DTF will be presented. This handbook defines the vision, mission, composition and scope of action of the Danurban Taskforce, will be discuss and validated during this meeting.

Danurban Taskforce members will be experts from the Danube region specialized in:

- Culture and creative industries / economic sectors;
- Innovation for SMEs and brokerage services;
- Readiness Level Innovation Audits;
- Smart specialization strategies;
- Networking & Creative clusters / hubs;
- Living Labs / Fab Labs / Co-Working Spaces;
- Transnational collaborations and cross-helix approach;
- Creative Urban Regeneration Action Planning;
- Creative Entrepreneurship Culture & Social Innovation;
- Legal experts in the field of CCIs


External experts in the field of CCI and Urban Regeneration are invited to participate at this first Danurban taskforce meeting and to become an active member of Danurban Taskforce.

Details about the event

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)