URBforDAN - Urban equipment installed as a pathbreaking project result


News from Ljubljana’s focus area Golovec hill


In Ljubljana, URBforDAN team is delighted to present the new urban equipment that has recently been installed in the focus area Golovec hill. Among other things, we set up information boards, signposts and direction boards, wooden benches, tables and platforms, and created several learning points. In the city forest Golovec, which is one of the focus areas of ​​the URBforDAN project, we designed eight entry points. There we set up information boards and added bike racks. We also set up two larger information boards inside the forest at two key intersections. We also erected 30 wooden pillars or totems to guide visitors and 13 posts with educational or informative functions. There are three marked forest playrooms, which are mainly used for playing and learning by the nearby kindergartens and schools.


Pathbreaking boards and Totems


The purpose of the boards and totems is primarily to guide, inform, raise awareness and educate users of the Golovec city forest. The boards show a detailed map of the area and its surroundings, the course of all routes for visitors and their connections to the city transport infrastructure near the city forest, and also mark various points of interest.


Emphasis on forest pedagogics


In the URBforDAN project, we pay special attention to forest pedagogics, which is why we have introduced several learning points, among which two forest classrooms or teaching aids are especially interesting – a display case presenting indigenous tree species at Golovec and a forest planetarium. Their purpose is to educate both children and the youth as well as adult visitors. Despite the city's proximity, the Golovec city forest offers places that the city noise cannot reach. In two such »quiet areas« we designed special relaxation areas by building wooden platforms intended for yoga or meditation practice or just for quiet observation of nature sounds.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)