D2C - EVENT: Pan-European Green Belt Re-Connect Forum & DaRe to Connect Scientific Conference


Let us officially invite you to our 2-day online event combining an interactive get-together on 14th and an informative DaRe to Connect Scientific Conference on 15th of April 2021. 

Please be aware registration for each day is separated, you have to register for each day separately: 
FIRST DAY 14. APRIL: Pan-European Re-Connect Forum
SECOND DAY 15. APRIL: DaRe to Connect Scientific Conference

What to expect? 

FIRST DAY: Pan-European Re-Connect Forum: 14 April 15:00 – 17:00 CET
On the first day in the afternoon, we will have an informal exchange to get in touch with each other and to find out how we are all doing during these difficult and challenging times. During breakout sessions, we will exchange and reflect our work experiences. There will be a topic-oriented exchange, for you and your organization to link onto common fields of work.
1) Welcome / Check-in
2) Breakout sessions
3) Closing

We are happy to consider any suggestions regarding the exchange of topics. If you have a topic in mind that you would like to talk about in a break-out session please let us know by writing us an email until 21 March or leave a comment in the “Comments/Wishes”- field when you register (see links below)

SECOND DAY: DaRe to Connect Scientific Conference: 15 April 9:45–16:00 CET
On the second day, we welcome you to the scientific conference organized by BUND Department Green Belt and the University of Vienna: “Science in Support of Ecological Networks – Lessons learned from the European Green Belt”.

9.45 Welcome by the Lead Partner; Liana Geidezis, BUND Department Green Belt

9.50 Introduction to the DaRe to Connect Project. Martin Kuba, BUND Department Green Belt

Technical Part – From satellite data-based habitat maps to functional connectivity assessment and planning

10.00 Habitat classification using Sentinel 2 Data in combination with European Ecosystem type map and future opportunities of COPERNICUS Land Monitoring Services.  Martin Neuwirth & Gebhard Banko, Environment Agency Austria

10.15 Analysis of multifunctionality using an ESS capacity matrix. Florian Danzinger, University of Vienna

10.30 ESS analysis by the example of the VivaGrass Project. Kalev Sepp, Estonian University of Life Sciences

10.45 Questions & Answers

11.00 Analysis of connectivity using GUIDOS Toolbox & Connectivity-Functionality-Index. Stefan Fuchs, University of Vienna

11.15 Habitat corridors by the example of the Alpine-Carpathian River Corridor Project. Christoph Litschauer, Donau-Auen National Park

11.30 Connectivity beyond remote sensing – how to link habitats, landscapes and people in the MaGICLandscapes Project. Christopher Marrs, Dresden University of Technology

11.45 Questions & Answers

12.00  “To be in Relationship with Nature”: Flashlights of inhabitants of regions along the EGB. Lenka Ovčáčková, Charles University Prague

12.30 Lunch break 

13.00 Introduction to the Practical Part

13.10 a) Flagship Species – „Do multifunctional corridors have a ‚windfall effect‘ on Flagship Species?”. The balance between functionality and species protection shown by concrete examples for the conservation of species (e.g. wildcat, lynx, etc.). 
Hildegard Meyer, WWF Central & Eastern Europe (ConnectGREEN & SaveGREEN)
Moderator: Lucas Ende, Austrian League for Nature Conservation
Rapporteur: Karin Kowol, BUND Thuringia

13.20 b) Improving the knowledge basis – „Effective habitat linkage: Is our data basis good enough?” Possibilities of improvement (national & regional data sets, landscape potential via historic maps, new mapping data, etc.) Methodology of the Alpine-Carpathian River Corridor Project.
Stefan Fuchs, University of Vienna
Moderator: Gebhard Banko, Environment Agency Austria
Rapporteur: Helmut Kudrnovsky, Environment Agency Austria

13.30 c) Current application projects – „Connecting habitats, landscapes and protected areas along the EGB – How could it work?” Example of Cross-linking of habitats in the Region Bavarian Forest
Tobias Windmaißer, BUND Department Green Belt
Moderator: Martin Kuba, BUND Department Green Belt
Rapporteur: Melanie Kreutz, BUND Department Green Belt

13.45 Coffee Break

14.00 Breakout Groups

15.00 Coffee break

15.10 - 16.00 Plenum discussion on the Breakout Group’s outcomes & Round-up














Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)