REDISCOVER - Videos of Jewish history, culture and families in Banja Luka


Partners from Banja Luka published five magnificent videos about the history and culture of the Jewish Community in Banja Luka, a personal story on a Jewish girl, Jelena Klara Baruh, from Bosnia and Herzegovina who was taken to a concentration camp during WWII and survived it. Most of the story is told by her daughter-in-law and there is a fragment told by the hero of herself taken from the archive of Deutsche Welle. One can also learn about the Katan Family from Banja Luka and the story on the meeting of descendants of Jewish family Levi and Catholic family Klindic, whose ancestors saved ancestors of Levi family in the WWII in Banja Luka. The last video is about a mysterious murder of the most famous Jewish family from Banja Luka just before the beginning of the WWII. Story on Poljokan family.  

Please enjoy:

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