We are coming back with news, as promised!

The Alzheimer National Conference in Romania just came to its end, after four very intensive and interesting days.

On Friday 26th, 2021, a special symposium was dedicated to our INDEED project, moderated by Georgeta Popovici, with four presentations as follows:

  • Overview on INDEED - Lea Pfäffel, Alexander Kurz, Munich, Germany
  • Introduction to the INDEED Online Learning Platform – Sabine Gergely, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Results of the Evaluation – Tina Štukelj, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Looking Ahead - Cătălina Tudose, Bucharest, Romania

The symposium was a very successful one, with very valuable presentations and great feedback from the participants. The online learning platform was highly appreciated, one of the received feedback being that the platform would be very useful to help as much patients and carers as possible. It was highlighted the importance of the partnership between countries as a path to evolution in the mental health disorders approach.

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