CINEMA - First short project summary or What happened so far!


A lot has happened since the CINEMA project started last summer! The 17 partners from 8 countries have been busy...


A lot has happened since the CINEMA project started last summer! We, the 17 project partners from 8 countries in the Danube Region, still haven’t met in person but got to know each other in monthly online meetings and workshops. We are a big step closer to our aim: revitalising city centres in Herrenberg, Gabrovo, Kamnik, Resita, Leonding, Kosice, Sombor and Balti - with the help of the creative industries. During the last months we conducted in-depth research reports ("Pilot Location Analysis") for each location which are published in our Online-Library. The main aspects and objectives of these reports are to assess the urban development structures and to evaluate the economic effects and interactions of the creative industry projects in the city centres. They also include professional input for the planned models in the creative industries and the accompanying measures to make the locations more attractive, both for citizens and visitors. Also, an important part of our project is well under way: the regional hackathons. They are supposed to develop individual ideas for the improvement of the urban landscape, with the help of local shop owners, creatives and citizens. The hackathons which have taken place so far have been a great success, despite the COVID restrictions. A lot of input was delivered and will now be evaluated and adapted. In the next months we will come up with road maps to put theory into action and start realising our plans in the cities.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)