RADAR - Don’t break anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day


Although Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on showing love to one another all across the world, there seems to be one relationship that is often neglected – to fellow road users.  

RADAR project team urges everyone to show respect on roads, share the love by being considerate to other road users – be they drivers, bikers, cyclists, passengers, or pedestrians.

The facts are clear, road injuries are the single biggest killer of children and young adults worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO); car accidents are the leading global cause of death amongst children and young adults aged five to 29 years old. For every person killed in road crashes, about five more suffer serious injuries with life-changing consequences. Serious injuries are often more costly to society because of long-time rehabilitation and healthcare needs. The majority of those injured are vulnerable road users, i.e., pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers of powered two-wheelers. Vulnerable road users account for an even higher proportion of those injured in towns and cities.

It goes without saying that showing your love and appreciation for your loved one should not be limited to Valentine's Day; this also applies to road safety. Respect should continue beyond this day and every day.

RADAR focuses on identifying risk on road networks in the Danube area by raising capacities of relevant national, regional, and local stakeholders to help them reduce risk systematically by improving road infrastructure and roads’ layout. Within the context of the safe system approach, with simultaneous complementary action on road user behaviour, vehicles, and road infrastructure, the focus of the project is above all to support and contribute to saving lives on roads. But to complete the circle of road safety, we should all do our part when using the roads.

Showing respect entails driving carefully and attentively, caring about our children, having them properly seated with their seat belts on, giving mobiles a break, observing road regulations, and paying attention when crossing the roads.

On this year's St. Valentine’s Day and every day, let’s all get home safely to our loved ones and not break their hearts.

Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)