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It is for this reason that the project aims to establish specialized interregional D-Care Lab innovation structures to enable social service providers, product developers and social start-ups to design and implement better and innovative home care services and products for older persons, people with disabilities and children with special needs.

New regional D-Care Labs in 9 countries will create places and platforms that enable the creation of new services and products by multiple actors. Innovation teams are receiving practical guidance from problem exploration to the development of prototype and business model. New and sustainable home care services and products will be conceptualized.

The main objective of D-Care Labs is to strengthen the implementation of innovative social services in the domain of home care. The Transnational Lab Strategy is based on an analysis of beneficiary needs (incl. needs caused by the Coronavirus), innovation potentials and intends to identify complementary interregional resources.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that practical learning and new solutions become part of the respective national system. Therefore, we will develop a Transnational Lab Strategy to Promote Innovation Structures in the Field of Home Care based on national reports and practical experience of the D-Care Labs. The country reports include analysis of the needs of beneficiaries (incl. needs caused by COVID-19), the national situation of home care such as types of existing services and products as well as legal, policy, institutional and financial frameworks. In addition, the report assesses opportunities and structures on how to create innovations.

Based on these analyses, we will measure the impact of the pilot test of our new regional D-Care Labs programs. These learnings will be included in the strategy and an action plan to inform the different policy levels. It will be disseminated to and discussed with policymakers to enable necessary changes of framework conditions.....

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)