In the last week of January 2021 took place in Slovakia a number of three online workshops having as scope the presentation and piloting of Slovakian version of INDEED online training platform. Two workshops were dedicated to CAMPUS and CONNECT part with a number of around 45 participants, and one workshop was dedicated to COACH part, with a number of around 20 participants.

Mr. Stanislav Sutovsky (neurologist) and Mrs. Adela Filarska (psychiatrist), social experts from the Ministry of Health were invited to join the sessions “Governement Expert".

The workshops were very successful, the feedback received from the participants being very good. They were grateful for the online platform. The participants expressed the fact that it is great to have all the important information on dementia in one place. They also said that the design is “user friendly” and they considered the material important for family caregivers. Participants welcomed all educational materials and also the importance of multidisciplinary management. 

Regarding COACH part, it was underlined the importance of this module as a tool helping to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of a business model/plan and it was evaluated as very helpful for all social services. Marketing activities are still something new and “unknown”. It was considered that COACH was designed to help and also stimulate the already existing services and processes.

This event ended the series of sucessful workshops dedicated to present the INDEED online training platforms launched in different languages of the partners in the project. This way an important milestone in the project was achieved!



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)