MEASURES - Draft Strategy for the Danube Corridor Discussed at 3rd National Workshop held in Romania


The event was held  online, on the 19th of january 2021, and brought together relevant stakeholders working in fields such as aquaculture, freshwater and other areas connected to ecological corridors for migratory fish in the Danube basin.

The workshop created a context for stakeholders and conservation experts from the project team to discuss conservation measures for migratory fish species, including sturgeons, and the ecological corridors they use.  The discussions focused on the following key aspects:

  • Mapping of potential habitats of selected migratory fish
  • Securing native stocks of critically threatened Danube sturgeons
  • Restocking sterlet and Russian sturgeon in the middle and lower Danube
  • Building ex-situ facilities
  • Migratory fish in national and international strategic documents, management and policy plans   
  • Integration of and exchange with national stakeholders

The feedback and suggestions received by the projtect team will help finalize the MEASURES Regional Strategy for the Danube Corridor which will serve as a guideline for national strategies.

Once the Strategy is published, these measures can be integrated in national strategies, ensuring a coherent approach in the region for conserving ecological corridors for migratory fish. The participants also discussed how to implement the Strategy within the existing management plans and strategic documents in Romania.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)