CD SKILLS - Mother from Hungary: “Our early months were not easy; she was a colicky baby”.


Szofia is my only daughter, she is 3,5 years old. Our early months were not easy, she was a colicky baby. But she was already 22 months old and still it did not get any better: she didn’t sleep at night, she was irritable and crying all the time, and wanting “mummy”.  She didn’t eat hardly anything, wanted to be breastfeded 8-10 times a day. Physically she developed normally. I was thinking I am a bad mother, unable to raise my child, and I was totally worn down.

A friend of my husband suggested us to go to the Celiac Centre. We met a paediatrician who listened to our story, examined our daughter. Her opinion was that it looks rather like some neurodevelopmental or behavioural problem, but still ordered laboratory tests toward celiac disease. Serology was positive, so Szofia underwent a duodenal biopsy.

After one week on gluten free diet, she started to sleep better, after 2-3 weeks she started to eat.

1,5 years went by and now I have a happy, smiling, easy-going child.

I am so glad she has only celiac disease!


Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels (the photo is symbolic)

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