URBforDAN - Merry christmas from Ljubljana! With new urban equipment


A wooden planetarium in the urban forest


Just in time for Christmas Ljubljana people received an early christmas present: new urban equipment that is being installed on Golovec hill, the focus area of the URBforDAN project in Ljubljana. Its purpose is to inform and guide visitors, as well as enrich their time in the forest in various ways. In the following month, Ljubljana plans to set-up eight information boards at forest entrance points, as well as two info boards at major crossroads in the forest. Also, 30 wooden polls or totems for guidance and 13 more for education and information will be placed on the main roads. The boards will display detailed maps of the area and surroundings, course of the roads with links to city infrastructure in the vicinity of the urban forest, and points of interest.


Education while enjoying the Nature


Within our project, we emphasize education of visitors, especially schoolchildren. Therefore, the Ljubljana URBforDAN team is establishing several forest education points. Two of them are really unique; a show window presenting autochthonous tree species at the Golovec hill and a forest planetarium, showing relation between planet Earth and other planets.


And New Tables and Benches to relax


At the protected Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship, 11 wooden tables and 30 benches will be replaced, and additional 5 similar tables and 20 benches will be placed on other locations. Motorized traffic will be restricted and blocked with locks at two roads, while access to the area by sustainable modes of transport will be promoted. Several improvements and installation of additional equipment will follow, such as thematic playgrounds for learning in nature, wooden platforms with a simple auditorium at “quiet zones” and signs for marking different trails and activities.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)