Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club (BIHAMK), a partner in the RADAR project have successfully managed to complete the Pilot Action on Thematic Area 1 – Safer Roads Investment Plans. The main task was a Road Survey, Risk Mapping, Star Rating, and Safer Roads Investment Plan (SRIP) according to iRAP methodology.

The objective of the pilot was to assess the safety of about 227 km of roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina and build capacity for sustainable road safety, in the field of road safety inspection and maintenance and network safety management.

The objectives included the following tasks which were performed by AMSS - Centar za motorna vozila d.o.o. – Serbia.

  • Survey 227 km of roads and code the video survey data according to the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) Survey and Coding specification.
  • Collect crash data, traffic flow and speed data for the 227 km according to the iRAP Data Analysis and Reporting specification.
  • Produce an iRAP input file that includes all road attributes and collected data. Produce Star Rating results and Safer Roads Investment Plan to identify areas of high risk and to shape future road safety investment.
  • Produce a Concept Design plan of the selected location
  • Produce a detailed report in accordance with iRAP Data Analysis and Reporting specification

There were two main road sections inspected. The surveyed network is 217 km long, but as some divided roads are surveyed in both directions, the survey length is 227 carriageway kilometers.  The sections were selected on the basis of the high number of accidents and black spots registered on them over the years, as well as the intense traffic flow.

  • Part of the main road M18 Sarajevo - Tuzla - Priboj (border with Republika Srpska); total length = 148.08 km
  • Part of the main road M4 Doboj - Tuzla - Caparde (border with Republika Srpska); total length = 83.09 km

The selected road sections were assessed according to the Rap methodology, a Star rating was made and an investment plan (SRIP) with specific countermeasures was prepared. The results show that no road on the 228 km long surveyed network was awarded 5 stars for vehicle occupants. Only 4 % of the roads scored 4 stars for car occupant safety. 76 % of the network was awarded 3 stars, while 20 % of the roads scored only 1 star or 2 stars.

The rated road sections for the vulnerable road users were awarded poor ratings, especially in terms of pedestrian safety, which turned out to be very low.

After processing the data and preparing the investment plan for all surveyed sections, a total of 113 specific countermeasures have been prescribed to improve road safety. It is expected that after implementing these measures the star ratings for both road sections are expected to be 4 stars or better.

As a final result and example of an implementation-ready design plan, two road sections were prepared with the prescribed measures and the needed drawings. The two road sections are Road M18, Section Simin Han – Priboj, and Road M4/M18, Section Sicki Brod - Simin Han.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)