Agency for economic development of the city of Prijedor „PREDA-PD” organized the first “InnoSchool Day Seminars” as an online event, via Zoom platform, on October 30, 2020 in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the beginning of the event, member of the InnoSchool project team presented all participants.

Representative of the Agency PREDA-PD and member of the InnoSchool project team presented the project, structure and key elements of the innovative learning system-InnoSchool and announced the upcoming workshops to train teachers for using the ILS.  It was emphasized that the ILS, as online tool, is a creative and contemporary approach to teaching high school students about social entrepreneurship and its benefits to society as well as to strengthening their entrepreneurial spirit and social innovation skills.

Within the event, school representatives had an opportunity to see 3 different examples of positive practices of social entrepreneurs within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

First presentation was held by Predrag Borojevic, director of Funky Guerilla. This social enterprise is working to reduce the workforce migration and help young people which are with are in social need and are coming from rural areas.

Second presentation was held by Danko Malešević. Mr. Danko Malešević is director of „Hatikva” ltd which is selling second-hand used clothes, furniture and other items and all profit goes to fundraising the local humanitarian association „Hljeb života” and their public kitchen.

The third and last presentation was held by Mr. Božidar Mihajlović, director of the ADRA BIH. This association is working with women victims of the violence and disabled. Through the joint work, within this association, „Diva brand” was established. The concept of the „Diva brand” is based on gathering of used clothes and recycle by creating new and fashionable clothes and bags which is then sold by reasonable prices.

Mr. Goran Rodić, member of the InnoSchool Steering Committee, presented the draft of law of social entrepreneurship.

Last presentation resulted with constructive discussion, which emphasized the importance of social entrepreneurship as a crucial segment of each society in order to address social challenges/ problems. Participants welcomed the new draft of law of social entrepreneurship which will help existing entrepreneurs and with help of the ILS will potentially motivate young people to become positive examples of tomorrow as a social entrepreneurs.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)