Finance4SocialChange - Vollpension from Austria, One Night Gallery from Romania, STEMI from Croatia and Caritas from Serbia winners of regional F4SC AIRCompetition


We are happy to announce that the winners of the regional F4SC #AIRCompetition are:

Vollpension from Austria –an inviting cafe that provides friendly interaction of different generations, thus bridging the gap for older people who may otherwise feel lonely or isolated. Check out their website for more information
One Night Gallery from Romania – an exhibition concept focusing on Romanian contemporary art, supporting artists, repurposing unconventional locations, and encouraging artistic experiences through technology. Check out their website for more information.
STEMI from Croatia – An ed-tech company that aims to accelerate high-tech workforce development in middle schools and high schools around the world to transform their classrooms into innovation labs where students can experience hands-on projects emulating real-world practices  Check their profile at

Caritas from Serbia for project “Alley of sustainable development”, the place that is a blend of social protection initiatives, hospitality locations, primary and secondary agricultural production, local tourism, and more – all in accordance with the concepts of sustainable development. Check their website for more information

These top four companies will have the opportunity to participate in the Finals in March 2021 in Budapest and present their social business idea and share the fund of  30.000 euros provided by UniCredit, the main partner of the project!

The competition was a chance to bring together social enterprises in different countries with similar activities to connect and exchange ideas and good practices, applying good practices in different markets and thus deliver higher values. It was also a chance to raise visibility and awareness of the need to provide tailor-made financial instruments, funds, and educational platforms for this sector.

These are the change-makers who have presented their excellent business plans with social impact ideas in front of international business community representatives, impact investment funds, and UniCredit representatives! 

  Social-Bee gGmbH (Zarah Bruhn)  , Afringa (Victor T.) , Bodymemory, BivioConcordia Roditor Food Market, Zedko,              ErdbeerwocheDevelopIT , From streets to home„Seeds’ Valley“ (Magosvölgy Ökológiai Gazdaság), Ascalia doo ,Miret doo, Bon Apetit Catering Eco- Razeni , CSO- Naša kuća, Vrtlari d.o.o. Agro Iris doo,  Recosi , Robin Food , Single Step, Gutenberg Foundation 3.0, Zero Wave, Zoundark 

Their business ideas not only bring profit but also help the communities whether it is through employing people with disabilities or helping the integration and recovery of refugees in new communities or creating fun places where age limits do not count and elderly people, often lonely, are welcome to share their recipes. Some of them are Robin Foods doing effective distribution of redundant food to those in need, while others are solving urgent ecological issues through innovative devices for easy energy transition and clever waste management through electronic devices reuse.

Most of all, the welfare of people and their communities are in their focus and that is the way it should be!! 

         We Congratulate all participants!! 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)