Danube Energy+ - Transregional evaluation workshop: Pilot of Danube Energy+ Ecosystem Package and Tool


Yesterday, 19.11.2020, the ABC Accelerator Slovenia partner organized and held the final Transregional evaluation workshop on implementation and results achieved from Pilot of Danube Energy+ Ecosystem Package and Tool in all project’s regions (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine). It addressed qualitative and quantitative findings of the feedback from both Young Innovators and Ecosystem actors. Together we tried to assess if we did the right things in the right way - to see if we are closer to the attainment of the project specific objective to boost Young Innovators towards Successful Ventures.

During the event, several key impact indicators for monitoring and evaluation were presented and discussed with the partners and the representatives of YIs and Regional Alliance members such as: (1) Young innovators: YI identified and motivated; Ventures established; YI evaluation of change in ecosystem and (2) Ecosystem actors: Involvement in the pilot; Attitude shift; YI centres / hubs identified. Key findings were that the Pilot was a success as a high share of the participants see themselves establishing a start-up company in the near future, and the relevant actors (such as regional authorities, incubators, and similar) see Danube Energy+ programme as an important addition to the landscape of opportunities. The latter is so primarily because they have learned more about the actual needs of young innovators.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)