CINEMA - Workshop on online collaboration tools


The CINEMA consortium recently organised a great workshop on the use of online collaboration tools. During two hours we learned a lot about various tools which allow e.g. to communicate with each other, to work on the same subjects or exchange ideas in a graphical way, to interact with audiences and collect feedback, to use mind mapping tools and to play together with quizzes and puzzles which can e.g. be used as icebreaker for the start of a meeting. Due to the fact that project meetings can’t be held in person this year the CINEMA partners have already been using a few of these tools in the monthly meetings and will certainly integrate some others in the future. Also for the communication with target groups like regional creatives and retailers, the stakeholders and in preparation for the Hackathons in the pilot locations, the tools will come in handy. The workshop was held by the Slovenian Agency Servis 8 and was really entertaining and informative.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)