URBforDAN - Work and projects in Zagreb progress


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Despite all the difficulties that the individual URBforDAN partner cities are facing due to the Covid crisis, the work and projects in the urban forests are progressing rapidly. Here is a very nice example from Zagreb. As in the other cities, the shooting for the URBforDAN image film is currently in progress. A film team has set out for the Zagreb city forest, Grmoščica, and filmed mountain bikers doing their breakneck actions there as well as forest workers at work at lofty heights.


Zagreb's Mountainbike Community lends a hand


At the same time, work on the new offers for the Zagreb people in the urban forest is in full swing. Mountain bike trails are being set up in Grmoščica with the active support of the mountain bike community of the city. They lend a hand themselves to build challenging mountain bike descents in the forest. And at the end of the trail, the foundation for the bicycle polygon is already being worked on, which will be the future meeting place for mountain bikers in the city.


Green tourism for a diverse set of Visitors


URBforDAN is designed to deliver a change in urban forest management and utilization of ecosystem services for the inhabitants of the cities. This is why the projects currently implemented in Zagreb are so exemplary because they create new and improved offers for those looking for relaxation and sport in the forests, but at the same time better protect other areas of the forest and their fauna and flora from overuse or visitors pressure - a high-quality experience of natural heritage and green tourism for a diverse set of target groups is ensured.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)