SIMONA - Project Management Team actively endorsing online meetings


The SIMONA project management team is recently faced with the replacement of the project manager. The new project manager, dr. Meta Dobnikar joined the team, as well as dr. Teja Čeru who will provide the scientific/geochemical support to the project. The new SIMONA members adapted quickly to the project`s challenges under the current circumstances caused mostly by the Coronavirus. In these specific circumstances arose the need for thorough management and organizational project activities. Almost entire September, the SIMONA Lead Partner team is endorsing online meetings with project partners (mostly WPLs) with a purpose to discuss the current status of certain WP activities implementation, as well as the possible need for project prolongation. A couple of more SIMONA management team meetings had followed on the topic of project prolongation, from which the most fruitful one was with project officer. The project officer gave us guidelines and advice on how to carry out the project prolongation procedure as smooth as possible. With this new knowledge and project insights, we are moving towards the end of Period 5, when we will slowly start to plan the project prolongation with the support of our WPLs and lastly entire project consortium. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)