INDEED - August 31-September 1, Bosnia and Hertzegovina - The Conference "Dementia Care and Policies of extended Danube Region"


The Conference "Dementia Care and Policies of extended Danube Region" and iCoDem/20 - Covid 19 and Dementia“ took place online, on ZOOM, in Bosnia and Hertzegovina, organized by Alzheimer association AiR from August 31 to September 1.

The aim of this Conference "Dementia Care and Policies" was to create a Forum by the members from Regional countries that presented situation in their respective countries from aspect of demographic impact on society in link with dementia issues, healthy aging and long-term care and to present society readiness for adjustment and their possibility to create system "Dementia friendly society" and adjustment life environment to elderly people. Following the presentations, the Forum initiated discussions to find self-sustaining solutions and to establish contacts for follow-up activities.

Some of the aspects discussed were first of all about National dementia strategies - development, adopting, the importance of these strategies, the principles of strategies.

These were followed by discussion about impact of Covid-19 on the condition of people with dementia, recognizing of Covid -19 symptoms, what is important in hospital care of this population and how to solve the issues in regarding to dementia during hospital days, whether is the course of Covid-19 the same in people with and without dementia, Vascular dementia, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and Covid-19, high temperature, low oxygen saturation and infection with Covid-19 at people in mild/moderate dementia,  treatment of Covid-19 at people with dementia  and how to cope with consequences.

Our partner in INDEED project, Dr. Osman Kučuk – Director of Center for dementia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, was present at this event and had the introductory word for both days of the conference.

The INDEED project was emphasized:

- Into the Introductory word where the name of INDEED project was mentioned by the assistant to Ministry of Health
Through the presentation “Timely diagnosing” based on INDEED materials, made and presented by Emina Kučuk and having as central point the new reality regarding housing needs PwD – developing of services and supporting entrepreneurship;
- During the discussions about the needs for education, timely diagnosis carried out within the project under INDEED name.

- During the Conference, the INDEED logo was permanently shown.

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We’ll come back with the expert statement that will reflect the conclusions of the Conference!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)