URBforDAN - Online conference on the future forest, Făget park in Cluj-Napoca


Zoom and Facebook as a conference platform


City of Cluj-Napoca in collaboration with Cluj Metropolitan Area is implementing the European project URBforDAN which stands for Management and conservation of urban forests as natural heritage in the city of the Danube region. URBforDAN is designed to deliver a change in urban forest management and utilization of ecosystem services. They are provided by pre-selected areas in seven project partner cities which are among Cluj Ljubljana, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ivano-Frankivsk.


A place of relaxation for the people of Cluj in a natural setting and with minimal interventions


In Cluj-Napoca the project proposes to highlight the natural potential of the area of Făget forest through a strategy, that takes into account the value of the ecosystem and daily use for walking, sports and recreation. Thus City of Cluj-Napoca in collaboration with Cluj Metropolitan Area organized a public online debate with the following subject: "Re-design Făget Forest". Over 200 people participated directly to the online debate that was streamed online on Facebook, while over 30 people intervened directly on ZOOM platform.


Respect for the green space


Within our Interreg project URBforDAN, experts in urban forest management have presented a series of proposals for minimal interventions and with respect for green space, which will allow the development of a part of the forest in order to increase the leisure facilities in the area. Stay tuned to our project, so that you will see, what are the further outcomes of the project and what will be realised in Făget forest in Cluj! Feel free to follow us on Facebook!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)